Brand Distribution and Services.

Daniel Surf offers a complete solution for surf watersports or lifestyle brands looking to enter the UK and European markets and gain traction through sales.


Brand management

Working to your guidelines, we will maintain your brand reputation through our extensive store network, PR and marketing to ensure positive results and customer satisfaction.


With 10+ brands on our books and a mix of B2B and B2C orders coming daily, our warehouse team is on the ball to ensure our customers receive a smooth and quick delivery.

Accounting & Reporting

Our systems control all stock movement, sales, and invoicing and output a ton of valuable business intelligence, helping us to streamline & continuously improve business.

B2C Web Solutions

We manage B2C brand stores for many of the brands we distribute by either integrating our stock system to a shop page on your subdomain or completely hosting websites on our server. We process all orders, returns, customer service and warranties.

Content & Social

When planning/managing photo shoots or press trips, we can write a brief or follow yours. Either way, we have a keen eye for picking out the unique selling points and ensuring they are a focal point in all photography & video. We have an in-house studio too!


We have sales agents based across Europe who maintain our buyer relationships, drive sales, control the in-store presentation and, most importantly, speak the mother tongue.

Customer Service & Warranty

Our dedicated customer service team pride themselves in resolving all issues in a timely manner to maintain long-lasting relations and a return customer base.

Trade Store

Our customers have a warehouse full of stock at their fingertips and can place top-up orders or test the water with new products conveniently using our B2B trade store with fast and reliable shipping.

Advertising & PR

We bulk buy advertising for our brands allowing us to get more for our money, filling each space with the right product or story. As an established distributor, many press publications come to us directly.

Athlete Management

Suppose you plan to support an athlete in a specific territory. In that case, we can assist you with managing contracts, relationships, marketing the partnership and ensuring he or she is singing to the right brand songbook.

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