14’0 Carolina Pro Carbon Race SUP x 25″

Elite Pro Carbon technology construction is essential when winning is all that matters:

The Carolina is fully built with Pro Carbon technology with extra carbon Innegra™ reinforcements around the cockpit’s nose, tail and lip for close-quarter battles at race starts and from the chasing racers in a draft train.

Cutting-edge aerospace carbon fibres and ultra-light core materials are combined with our unique vacuum construction, making Pro Carbon the lightest, stiffest, fastest racing construction technology available.

Featuring a PVC reinforced deck for integrity plus carbon rails for stiffness, reducing flex and making the board ultra responsive.

Pro Carbon is an elite construction technology that is standard in our production race boards, allowing you to own precisely the same boards that NSP pros Travis Grant, Titouan Puyo, Ty Judson and Blue Ewer win on.


Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
14’0” 20″ ¹/² Recessed Deck 242 Liters 11.21 Kg
14’0” 22” Recessed Deck 255 Liters 11.68 Kg
14’0” 23″ ¹/² Recessed Deck 269 Liters 11.92 Kg
14’0” 25″ Recessed Deck 282 Liters 12.46 Kg


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The bottom shape of the new Carolina remains the same, as its performance conquered a lot of podium finishes. A reduced width is nothing without stability. Optimizing the centre of gravity for the Carolina resulted in a more balanced riding experience. This allowed us to decrease the width for noticeable performance gains. Note the subtle dug-out at the bottom of the rails, allowing a wider stance and improved stability.

The NSP Carolina has a single-centred, neoprene handle on a balanced fixture point for ultra-fast beach starts and close-call finishes.  A recessed deck allows for a low centre of gravity and adds stability. By lowering the centre of gravity across the entire shape, not just the standing area, athletes benefit consistently, even when they are on the back of the board. The improved stability allows athletes to go more narrow and reap the benefits of increased performance throughout the Carolina range. A heightened rail lip around the cockpit reduces water intake in the standing area. A High-performance tail for easy buoy turns., and dug-out rails for a wider stance create additional width and improve stability.

The NSP 22 and 24 racing fins are designed to deliver top performance: expect excellent tracking, stability, efficiency, speed and effortless acceleration.

Carbon-reinforced rail lips and carbon rail band using Innegra™

Carbon for the rail lips in favour of “conventional” biaxial carbon, one of the most ding-prone areas on any race board, is drastically reinforced without weight penalties. Ding resistance, durability and damage tolerance all increase, protecting your equipment. All 2023 recessed NSP Raceboards benefit from this new construction, including Uni-directional rail bands (on the side) and 100% biaxial carbon layups (on the deck and bottom).


Turning a recessed board (dugout) can take some time to get used to. You may encounter water that comes into the tray (deck) of the board if you raise the nose too high during a turn. We asked Team Rider Titouan Puyo to show us how he manoeuvres the Carolina around a buoy while keeping his speed up while the water out. Be sure to step back, keep the nose down on the turn, and quickly step back to the centre. Have a look at the video. The Carolina comes with neoprene handles and several balanced fixture points.  4 AVS Drain holes quickly expel excess water from the dugout. A patented GORE® vent near the GoPro (or GPS) fixture point prevents a pressure build-up, allowing oxygen to pass but keeping out moisture.

“Stoked on the new 20.5” Carolina. This is my 4th generation of this board, and what Alain Teurquetil, Travis Grant, Titouan Puyo, Ty Judson, and Annie Star have designed over the years is one awesome board. As soon as I stepped on it, it felt like home. I felt planted, the soft rails made for subtle movements, no twitching what.so.ever.” “In its element, water with texture is where this board excels but is not out of place in the flats. Can’t wait to spend more time on mine,” Brandon van Elslander, Teamrider Canada

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