10’0 One-Xt Premium Big Wave Leash Black

Designed for 15ft waves. Man up and get out there!

Wave Size:  15ft (4.6m )

Cord Ø: 9mm (3/8″)

Strap: 50mm

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Ocean & Earth are well known as the world’s leading leash company for the past 40 years. This attribute comes from designing the best leashes for all waves breaking around our planet. We design the strongest leashes to withstand the biggest waves with surfer safety as a priority. The Big Wave series has design features that make surfing these monster waves possible. “The belief to take it on. The product that makes it possible”

QUICK RELEASE PIN – A quick release, stainless steel pin that allows the leash to be separated from your board in dangerous hold-downs. Large easy grab loop for easy release. A webbing anchor tape is attached to the pin and strap. You won’t lose the pin when released.

LONGER TRIPLE WRAP VELCRO ANKLE STRAP – The power of monster waves can rip single velcro wrap leashes from your ankle. This specially designed triple wrap strap stays secure.

EXTRA WIDE RAIL SAVER –  A wider, longer, stronger rail saver with extra triple wrap velcro adds to the strength and security. Also comes with two 4mm heavy duty leash plug cords for backup strength. Now with the Leash Size identification label.


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